Wood pellets

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Wood pellets are a fuel that is readily available in the globe today and a renewable resource. The compressed wood shavings are pushed through openings under intense pressure. The sawdust/wood shavings' natural lignin melts during the heat process, binding the dust together, retaining the pellet in place, and giving it its distinctive outside gloss.
Economical efficiency: Wood pellets burn with a very high combustion efficiency because they have an incredibly high density and may be made with a low moisture content (below 10%). Additionally, their great density enables efficient long-distance transmission and compact storage. In converted coal plants, the cost of power produced from pellets is roughly identical to that of electricity produced from natural gas or diesel.

Using scopes: Biomass fuels take the place of fossil fuels in power plants, stoves, textile boilers, food boilers, leather boilers, industrial dye boilers, and animal bedding boilers.

Application: Heating System
Density: 1100-1300KG/M3 Min
Diameter: 6mm~8mm
Shape: Stick
Length: 10mm~40mm
Calorific Value: 4950
Moisture Level: 5
Place of Origin: Spain, Europe
Ash Content: 0.5
Product Name: Biomass Pellets Fuel
Wood Type: Fir, Pine, Beech, Spruce
Material: 100% Wood Fiber
Color: Yellowish-brown
Humidity: 5%
Abrasion: 2.0%
Calorific Value: > 4700kcal/kg
Burn Value: 90-95%
Feature: DIN+, EN+ A1
Package: 15kg plastic bags and 1000kg big bags

Wood pellets Description by Manufacturer

Calorific value ca. 49kW/h per kg, Bulk density not less 600 kg/m3, Diameter 8 mm, Length 5-40 mm. Total moisture as received max 10%, Ash 0,5 %, Melting ashes not less 1200 Co, Moisture content 10%, Mechanical Durability 98%.

Raw materials (sawdust, etc.) enters the crusher where it is crushed to flour. The received mass enters the dryer then to the pellet-press, where the wood flour is compressed into pellets.

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